Time Slots for Hardstyle Arena: The Second Coming

HSA2 Timeslots

HSA2 Timeslots

Tonight has finally arrived, and the anticipation is strong in the air! The artist are all settled away in their hotel rooms, prepping for a night of mayhem! Are you ready?

Doors open at 8pm and time slots are as follows:

Noize Suppressor 12:45-Close

Frontliner 11:45-12:45

Psyko Punkz 10:45-11:45

Bass Modulators 9:45-10:45

Skellism 8:45-9:45

If you have any questions about what to and what not to bring, please consult the Fox Pomona Website FAQ’s here: Fox Pomona FAQ’s.

We cant wait to see all your faces tonight!

See you on the dance floor!



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