Andrew Lee


Though a humble artist, there’s no denying Andrews a Staple in So Cal EDM with a slew of accomplishments & history that rivals the longest running talents! In his beginning, pioneered the AV Rave scene, built a foundation and sculpted it to heights beyond ever expected (after leaving the scene temporarily, those heights were never reached again in av). Labelled “King of the Desert”, his home, where he would draw 500+ person events at the drop of a hat with an army like following of desert ravers he called family and produced some of the most memorable events of that era and was the heart of the most united rave fam this decade, the AV Ravers. With support of an entire community his presence was felt through so cal and beyond. Producing music years before djing the first time, he was a natural. His first years andrew took the scene by storm performing Massives, Festivals & out of State including out of state dj residency in AZ in his 3rd year. You’d see his name gracing the biggest events in cali and same weekend small intimate gatherings as fame, glory and money have never been andrews priority, always giving new companies and promoters a chance, it’s always for the love of the scene. He came into the scene ahead of the game. Andrew a social media whiz brought raves to the social networks at the time looked down upon by the veteran promoters who only printed flyers. He instantly became the number 1 online promoter while also up to 10 parties a weekend passing out flyers and leading flyer promotion as well. Now these days promoters love andrew for the same online work they once hated and years after bringing edm to social media, he is now the leading flyer designer whos printed designs have been some of the most heavily circulated in our scene now bringing raves back to the streets.

Andrews shared stages with hundreds of the major artists including his idols. He has created and been a part of some of the greatest duos and trios of so cal edm as well as sets with top djs in so cal and several times performance sets with out of state headliners. As an artist for years he was performing all produced sets to crowds up to thousands of people keeping dancefloors jam packed and grooving with an entire selection of hand crafted tunes. Currently So Cals leading EDM Flyer designer, #1 SubGround DJ, leading Hard Dance Promoter and most recently dominating the IE Edm scene, he continues to inspire, innovate and quite simply keeping so cal edm alive through tireless efforts. This year andrew vows to make it his best on both the DJ and Production level and to rock parties harder than ever and produce the best tracks hes ever made in his life! This is truly a dj to keep your eye on for 2015!


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May 2023
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